Loving Plagiarism

December 21, 2011

Come live with me and be my love
And we will all the pleasures have
That in the world exist for those
Whose love is like a red red rose.

How do I love thee? In many a way:
If I compare thee to a summer’s day,
Thou art more radiant and lasting.
With you I can be me.

Those lips that Love’s own hand did make
Your smile which brings me untold joy
Your cute demeanour when you will
Your loving hands which make me thrill.

My passion is unbounded,
I could look at you forever
Your thoughts and dreams I do esteem
And to snuggle you is bliss.

Athena may be the goddess of love
But I doubt she has known of such amour
As does exist between a certain two
By which I mean, me and you.

I love you with a childhood love,
I love you with my adult eyes,
I love you simply, purely, freely
In all the ancient poets’ words.

I love you despite giving up
And turning then my back on love
Vowing never again to give my heart
To any human on this earth.

Time will tell if I was right
Or if once again my fate
Is to have my heart broken evermore
By my dearest paramour.

Trains (2009)

November 3, 2011

Space, space to be free

To do nothing

Or anything at all

To daydream

Or make a new acquaintance

Eavesdropping on people’s conversations

Being startled and upset by a mother’s treatment of her child

Forming judgments about people


Getting depressed

Feeling alone

Hating life

Hating other people

Why do we take trains?


April 23, 2010

A student flat, Jessica, Dan and Byron are sitting in the messy kitchen, the remains of an evening meal in front of them.

JESSICA: So who’s going out tonight?

DAN: (on laptop) Huh?

JESSICA: Well it’s a Friday and no one’s doing anything.

BYRON: That’s how I like it, but feel free to wander the streets and immerse yourself in the filth of the drink dens.

JESSICA: What are you gonna do then?

BYRON: I might write another set of aphorisms on the recurring meaninglessness of ‘going out’. When was the last time you REMEMBERED what you had done on a Friday night?

JESSICA: All the time, I was just out dancing and got tired and went home.

BYRON: What time did you get home? Who was there at the end? Did you expect Charlie to go home with you?

JESSICA: (giggles embarrassed) I dunno, it was last Friday you know, I can’t remember everything. What time did YOU go to bed then and who were you being anti social with?

BYRON: You know very well I went to bed at midnight as you came barging in my room at five past midnight yelling ‘I wanna go OUTTTT’ disturbing me and Trikey from our blissful slumber.

JESSICA: So you’re saying I should spend tonight in bed with a dinosaur?

BYRON:I wouldn’t presume to advise you on anything, I personally find it exciting enough for a Friday night, yes.

DAN: So is anyone coming to this rave?

JESSICA: A rave, sounds hot.

DAN: Yeah, so you coming?

JESSICA? Why not – who’s going, what’s it for?

DAN: You know, the usual.

JESSICA: Will there be electro music?

DAN: I guess so yeah.


DAN: You can bring him and his dinosaur if you like.

BYRON: Thanks for the offer, but unless it is a rave solely for literary lost souls listening to the musings of Nietzsche on the foolishness of humankind and set to the melodies of Aqua’s greatest hits, I doubt I’d be interested.


BYRON: (embarrassed but pretending not to be) is there a problem? Anyway I thought not, so I imagine I will not be joining you.

JESSICA: Well they’ll probably be some hot socialist women who write stuff about the foolishness of mankind, and maybe one of them will have her iPod with an Aqua album on it…

DAN: I don’t think socialist girls are into Aqua.

JESSICA: How do you know?

DAN: Cos they’re not complete morons, they’ll be listening to whatever’s new on 6 music.

JESSICA: Whatever, so is it gonna be full of socialists then?

DAN: Presumably, I doubt anyone else is cool enough to cope with a rave.

JESSICA: Long haired guys then? Awesome.

DAN: I prefer their ethics and activism but yes hair is also a dubiously positive feature, I kind of miss my old hair. On the other hand non socialist girls and socialist girls alike seem to find me more attractive now.

JESSICA: But you’ve sold out! You’re not being true to yourself! You just wanted to get that stupid job. Anyway they only like you cos you were on TV and they think you might give them money for their silly pom pom and biscuits societies.

DAN: Just because I’m the treasurer of the union doesn’t mean that’s why girls are interested in me, although if it is part of the reason that can only be a bonus, once they’ve met me they’re dying to see me again.

JESSICA: Yeah to get more money from you!

DAN: Don’t be stupid, anyway I’m gonna go out in like an hour, do you wanna start drinking here? I’m gonna get some gin.

BYRON: I like gin.

DAN: You’re welcome to join I guess.

BYRON: I like it because it sounds like grin, and that’s how everyone drinks it – with a massive grin to disguise the appalling taste.

DAN: Right.

JESSICA: Ignore him, he’s just jealous cos the most manly drink he can stomach is a Bacardi breezer.

BYRON: That’s not true, I had cider last month.

JESSICA: Half a pint doesn’t count.

BYRON: According to who?

JESSICA: Your mum. I don’t know, it just doesn’t.

BYRON: Well at least she’s not an alkie like your sister.

JESSICA: I don’t have a sister.

BYRON: Damn.


April 22, 2010

If only I had such luxury

Early Morning

February 20, 2010

Fatigue oozes slowly through her bones

Leaving her mindless yet half alert

Luxuriating in semi sleep

She must remind herself that

This chair and holding this pen

Will not entice comfortable sleep

But a brief stupor

Ending in discomfort

Yet despite this, and despite

The chair being unsoft and uncompliant

Still she sits and writes and dozes

At her desk in the early morning

Floating in the Void

February 20, 2010

Floating and sinking

Both mean aloneness

No one to save you

No direction

Both unappealing

Yet strangely tempting

Life in limbo

Unsure where to go

We fill the void

As quick as we can

With pictures and music and words

Yet alone thinking

For a moment

The void of eternal

Floating and sinking

Rushes in

Ode to a friend

February 20, 2010

I was scared of being lonely

Entering the unknown

Thinking and brooding

Feeling unwell

Yet you were there

And distracted me

Made me realise how much

The simple life has to offer.

How big a difference friends make

Oh let me never live alone

My Abstract Love

February 20, 2010

I love him still

But abstractly

His image is perfect

Untouched, unsoiled

Perchance unreal

But love insists on it

The world was in multicolour when we were together

The ecstasy of being



We flew to see each other

Yet it was unlasting


Unlike my abstract love

Who I could weep tears of sorrow after

But who can never hurt me again

Study Days

February 20, 2010

Work gave me meaning

But it is gone

Lost are the days of purpose, stress and fatigue

Yet learning.

And experiencing through the words the mysteries of the universe

Without Literature the world ceases to have meaning

Give me back my library days

Let me indulge myself on others’ words

Immerse myself in the world of infinite meaning

For I am lost in the cold world of vacancies and voids

New Lovers

February 20, 2010

Quickly passes the hot rush of unrestrained passion

The seeking out of everything fresh and new in the lover

Gazing at face, lips, cheek, remembering his touch

The roughness of their hand, the kisses at intervals throughout the night

Their magnitude and beauty, lifting them up and scaring them

So they want to cry with happiness, that they are valued so dearly

The dark nights walking home

Hands brushing as they walk

Clinging to each other before swiftly detaching

Looks which made them tremble with the mood of what might come to pass

The fantastic fiery kisses which reach further than ever before

Lips caressing neck, eyes, lips, ears

A connection of skin, of spirit, of wit

Incredulous that the other is so perfect and rich in newness

Timelessness and the quick passing of time

The sweet pain of apartness

The joy of reconciliation

Silence and exquisite pleasure in the other’s company

Feeling wondrously free and wild

Dictating to the night its fate

Living on ecstasy and sweet sweet touch

Nearness, the awareness of the other

Close, invigorating, spurring them on

To seize it all and savour life’s luxurious mysteries

And dance into the dazzling night

To the tune of blossoming infatuation